1. Well, I’ve looked and looked at it, then looked again, and I have NO ******* clue what I’m looking at or how to use it ! The cat looks lovely though

  2. Phantasmagoric infographic, if a may say so, so thanks. I’ll pass on the wallpaper though.
    Although curiosity killed the cat I can’t resist a few questions; that’s financial advice risk for you.
    The replatforming looks “interesting”; to loose over 2 years revenue in the move begs the question any cool cat would know; ever heard of M&A? It seems sorely needed.
    Your “money stuff” doesn’t mention if the 1bp pa drop is in nominal or real terms although I fear the worst.
    It seems the (advised) platforms need advice; if the gross sales go down the net goes up; keep selling less?
    An average profit of £117 after advice given (well you did say it was the advised channel) seems a narrow business model. It practically brings tears to your eyes!
    I think some relearning is needed; probably mine.

    1. Sure is Alan. Puts FNZ prediction to more like 35% of the packaged platform sector by ‘some point’ in the future.

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