Raising the profile of Altus in the platforms market

Financial services consultancy and technology provider, Altus, wanted to raise its profile within the platform market. We helped it articulate and clarify its strategic positioning for that market, establishing a clear set of messages and target audience to take them to.

Thought leadership support came through helping Altus develop and plan a successful event (in which we participated) based around its white paper The platform machine: tuning for efficiency.


Meeting the Treating Customers Fairly gold standard

As Cofunds prepared for the Retail Distribution Review, it wanted to make sure its marketing collateral met the gold standard for Treating Customers Fairly. We completed a review of its key documents using our bench of 27 tests, providing a full report with positive suggestions for change, wherever our tests (and competitor comparison) demonstrated that an improvement was possible.

The terms and conditions document was especially complex and difficult for customers to use. We went on to rewrite it in a more customer friendly, easily navigable way, helping build a more solid TCF base for the Cofunds customer relationship.


Assessing the competitiveness of a new product

When FundsNetwork was looking to launch a new Pension Account it came to us for an expert opinion on how it would fare against its competitors. We completed a detailed comparative analysis and presented the results in two ways; as spreadsheets and as a slide deck for key internal stakeholders. We then reworked the analysis into a branded flyer for use by FundsNetwork’s sales team.



Building GBST’s reputation in the UK market

Global financial services technology business, GBST engaged us to help it build its reputation as a go to provider in the UK market.

From press releases, placed articles and corporate brochure, through to events planning, awards entries and social media strategy, we work in partnership with GBST on an ongoing basis. Effectively an outsourced marketing and PR department to supplement its in-house capabilities, the more we learn about the GBST business, the more we can anticipate its needs and work as part of the team.



Helping design an efficient adviser onboarding process

Nucleus is one of the platform industry’s great success stories and an example of how thinking different can really work.

As a stripped down organisation, taking on advisers in an efficient way is crucial, which is why we were pleased to have the chance to work on Nucleus’ ‘Ignite’ onboarding process and design the materials which it uses to get advisers up and going really quickly.