The lang cat pops up from time to time in the press and whatnot. Here’s a recent selection of some of the articles (and the odd video) we’ve written and appeared in, so you may sup at will from the lang cat cup of wisdom. You lucky people.


The big switch-off: Advisers and platforms grapple with turning off trail
The payments platforms can still take from fund managers and brokers
Money Marketing
Shifting sands: Is provider D2C push a threat to advisers?
FCA to review advisers’ platform due diligence
Under the bonnet: The new ‘transparent’ world of platform rebates
Financial Adviser, FT, Investment Adviser, Money Management
DFM charges cut at Brooks Macdonald
Clear investment costs should lead to clear understanding
DFMs need to disclose clearer costs: Polson
Vantage could add to Woodford fund costs
Don’t you just love being in control?
Study exposes drawdown ‘hidden’ charges disparity
Aegon simplifies pensions charging in response to Budget
Clean fee shares switch: ‘Impressive burst of activity’
New Model Adviser, Citywire Wealth Manager
Polson urges paraplanners to put pressure on platform use
Polson: platform discounts could cause concern
Lunge, parry, riposte! How to survive post-rebate wrap battles
Wealth managers hit back over claims of ‘murky’ costs
Professional Adviser
Game changing’ – the lang cat’s view on Aegon price caps
Mark Polson: Why it’s time for platforms to start sweating the small stuff
Mark Polson: You knew I was a snake when you picked me up
Mark Polson: Why direct platforms are not advisers’ enemy
The Telegraph
Woodford Equity Income: The cheapest way to buy Neil Woodford’s fund
Hargreaves Lansdown fires Neil Woodford’s new fund straight into the Wealth 150 and claims lower fees for investors
DIY investing platforms demand up to £175 to leave for a cheaper rival: What the big guns charge to move five funds
The Times
The fight to get a slice of Woodford’s pie
What does the pension charge cap mean for you?
Fund fees: What are you paying for?
Do you trust financial advisers?