July 28, 2015


It doesnâ??t seem like a year since we launched the lang catâ??s first ever guide to direct investing: Come and Have a Go. But it is. Last year was a bit of an experiment â?? our first time writing for non-industry folk – but some of those people were quite nice about it, so we decided to do it all over again with the imaginatively titled Come and Have a Go Too. All new, all free, with no sponsors, ads or ulterior motives.

What have we been up to now?

website image direct 2015The run up to last yearâ??s launch was a bit exciting for the direct market, with everyone showing their hand on explicit charges. The past year has also been hectic. We cover all the goings-on, natch. We also take an in-depth look at a few platforms and cast a lighter glance over some more.  Thereâ??s a bit about pricing, but not just the pounds and percentages. We spend time guiding you through the charges you might face when setting up your direct platform investment and, just as important but less talked about, those you might encounter on the way out again.

Finally, we have the second annual Lang Cat Direct Platform Awards where we celebrate platforms who have been super, smashing and may we say, great over the last year.

We hope you read and enjoy it. As ever, weâ??d love to hear your thoughts either way.


Option 1. Download a FREE copy - If you’re all about the digital experience then you’re good to go. All we ask in return is a bit of info so we can keep you up to date on all the lang cat shizzle. We’ll keep your details safe and will never, ever share them with anyone else. If you’re a consumer just type Consumer in the company field. And if youâ??ve already subscribed to the lang cat, no need to do so again unless you are the impatient type. Weâ??ll be contacting you separately with your very own personal download link.

 Option 2. Order a paper copy – some of us still like proper publications. With paper covers and all that. If that’s you then we can help. Unfortunately printing and postage doesn’t come for free so we do have to make a charge of £9.95 to cover our costs. Place your order using the button below and please allow 5 working days for your book to arrive.

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