January 22, 2016


QW2-imageA year ago the lang cat teamed up with CWC Research to get up close and personal with the investment outsourcing market. The result was NEVER MIND THE QUALITY, FEEL THE WIDTH which questioned not only how advisers select outsourced investment propositions but also the propositions themselves.

As the market moves on, so have we and the focus for this yearâ??s work naturally shifted to centralised retirement propositions. How are advisers addressing some of the key (and changing) client needs and priorities as they approach a retirement period that may look very different from just last year? And what centralised investment propositions are available to help advisers meet these needs? What does â??goodâ?? look like? We have valuable insight from a range of industry experts as well as a substantial refresh of the data from the first study.


  • What proportion of advisers are genuinely outsourcing? How do they do it?
  • Retirement now increasingly means a long-term relationship with the client. And that means new considerations. How are advisers addressing longevity and succession planning for their business?
  • To what extent is sequencing risk considered a threat to clientsâ?? retirement income and how are advisers dealing with this?
  • How satisfied are advisers with platformsâ?? decumulation functionality?
  • How accessible is the data and communication material advisers need to support clients?
  • How do multi-asset funds perform against a range of indices? And how does that picture look if we move from the aggregate to the individual view?
  • What impact does OCF have on flow for multi-asset funds?
  • What’s wrong with risk control in multi-asset investing?

NEVER MIND THE QUALITY, FEEL THE WIDTH 2 is a major study aimed at fund managers, platforms/providers and advisers.  Itâ??s priced at £7,500 plus VAT but weâ??re offering an early bird rate of £5,000 plus VAT until 14 February 2016 – the perfect Valentine gift for your Insight team, no?

If youâ??d like to find out more or purchase a copy, please email [email protected] or [email protected]

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