OK, not so much the company’s, but mine. Who says it’s a democracy? Next year we’ll maybe do a more inclusive roundup, but here’s what cheered me up this year:

Public Service Broadcasting – The Race For Space – Bleep, bloop, astronauts are nice was how I described this record, unkindly. It’s fantastic stuff and a good thing to bathe your brains in.

Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls – this was proper Maiden and maybe the best thing they’ve done since Seventh Son. And I met Bruce in the airport on the way back from New York. *fist pump*

Tom Mcrae – Did I Sleep And Miss The Border – Still grumpy, still singing about rain, still fantastic. How this man isn’t selling out big venues is a mystery to me, but it meant we got to go for a work night out to see him at King Tut’s in Glasgow which was ace.

Trivium – Silence In The Snow – just big metalcore loveliness. Trivum have always been one of those bands I couldn’t quite be arsed with, but this is a cracker.

Soilwork – The Ride Majestic – see Trivium. If it wasn’t for Maiden, this would be my metal record of the year. It’s been on pretty constant repeat since I first listened to it.

And record of the year goes to:

The Unthanks – Mount The Air – I don’t even know how to start describing how gorgeous this record is. The voices, the arrangements, the fluttering sound effect and the drone in Magpie, the catharsis of the title track – it’s all amazing. And if you can see them live, do. Proper shiver down the back time.

So there it is. I can only imagine Coldplay and Adele are furious not to have made it. Let me know what I should have included below.