Here you’ll find a range of the material that the lang cat has produced in collaboration with the good people at the AIC over the past couple of years. From white papers to case studies to pricing tables. It’s all here.

Put on the kettle, pull up a chair and whip yourselves into a DOWNLOADING FRENZY. It’s all free.


First up is *brand new content klaxon* our new market insight paper. Named ‘Practically Speaking’ we take a look at Centralised Investment Propositions (CIPs) and how (or how not) investment companies fit inside them. The paper investigates some of the structural barriers that are in the way and how the future might be different.  To view the paper click here.



“YOU CAN DO IT”, this paper revisits some of the issues surfaced in our research with the AIC in 2018 and takes a look at how some actual real-life adviser firms are overcoming barriers, perceived or otherwise, to using investment companies on platforms.

You can access the paper below by clicking on the fancy flicky-booky thing. The future is now! (Or you can go down the traditional download route by clicking here)


See! You could literally do it! Like the title said!

Next up, we’re proud to present our case study interviews which look specifically at how a range of adviser firms are using investment companies within their client propositions.

It goes without saying, yet here we are saying it, that we extend a debt of gratitude to the four kind gentlemen who gave up their free time to be interviewed by the lang cat for this project. We salute your patience, spirit and enjoy your sage words when describing your respective businesses.

Click on the images below for a sneak peak at the case studies or download them individually via:

  • Clicking here for Kingsfleet Wealth’s Colin Low case study. Hello Colin!
  • Next up on the case study bus features Andy Parkes of Finance Shop.
  • Follow this link for the penultimate document to hear what Prosperity IFA’s very own Simon Munday has to say.
  • And finally, set your clicking fingers onto Peter Adcock of the extremely appropriately named Adcock Financial. Thanks so much Peter!


Back in the glorious summer of, er, last year, we launched our inaugural paper – WE HAVE TRUST ISSUES – with the AIC. It looked at some of the barriers to selecting investment companies on platforms and contains the usual research, commentary and questionable jokes you’ve come to expect of the lang cat.

The only barrier to you having this paper in your collection though is clicking the picture below which will take you on a glorious downloadable voyage of success.

Lastly but very much not leastly, for the past couple of years we’ve been supplying the AIC with all sorts of platformy data (the best kind of data) on how investment companies are accommodated on all of the UK’s major direct-to-consumer and adviser platforms.

If you click on the image below you’ll be whisked away from the lang cat site in Leith, straight down the M1 (this is how the internet works) to the AIC website. Here you’ll find the work that we’ve been doing for the fine people at the AIC along with a whole heap of other interesting things about investment companies.

The link takes you to information on the direct to consumer platforms. For the adviser content, you’ll typically need to register for the adviser site but the content will be available without registration for a week or so following launch of the paper, so get in quick!