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  • The directory is a free resource intended for industry professionals to be able to research the UK advised platform sector for whatever reasons they need to research it.
  • We initially developed the directory as a response to the previously existing model in the sector, where anyone researching platforms had to pay to access basic information. Whether that was providers having to pay to get their own data back, advice professionals conducting research or a whole host of other things.
  • The directory is now used by advice professionals when carrying out due diligence, fund groups researching distributors, platforms researching their own market, industry bodies and journalists – to name a few.
  • We think the information contained in the directory is of course more than basic, it currently includes x data points across the likes of business performance, pricing and functionality. And we will continue to grow the depth of data in line with how the sector develops to ensure it’s the most detailed, relevant and of course free advised UK platform resource available anywhere.
  • Re-iterate the point about usage policy.
  • If you have any thoughts or feedback on the content of the directory, we’d love to hear from you.




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