Had enough of 25-year-old MBAs telling you how to run your company through the medium of 150-strong slide packs at £1k per slide? You’ve come to the right place.

The lang cat has been changing the platform, pension and investment market for the better one company at a time since 2010. We know our stuff. We know your stuff. And we know your customers’ stuff.

We balance unparalleled technical understanding, industry experience and know-how with the ability to produce engaging and accessible output. And no 150-strong slide packs. Ever. But it’s not just about working to engage customers, your own team matters too and our material is highly useable at any level. It doesn’t matter if you’re global, have a pedigree tracing back to Regency times or are a FinTech provider just starting out, we’ve helped them all.

Our data research and analysis team is the best in the business, combining extensive life company and platform experience with a genuine love of data and what it can tell us, if only we ask the right questions.

Our specialism is regular, programmed market intelligence which we currently provide to a number of companies, including FTSE 100s.



“We have used the lang cat’s services for a number of years for such varied purposes as to create sales aids and support internal product reviews. The service from Mark and at the team has been excellent, as is the presentation of the insight they provide.”
Simon J Farrant
Head of Proposition, FundsNetwork

James Hay

“The unique way Mark and his team deliver their understanding of the market and its direction of travel is unmistakably, and pleasingly, the lang cat. They always manage to deliver hugely insightful analysis, whether that be for our own purposes or on behalf of the market. We have tapped into the lang cat’s knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for all things platform for a number of years and have always found their views and opinions to be considered and informative. They have a skill for approaching their work in a professional but personable manner, and with open and ongoing dialogue to ensure the brief is met. Importantly, they will always offer their honest opinion when sought.”
Paul Bagley
Director of Distribution


“I love that the lang cat has kept its edge, even as the gang has grown and (dare I say it) matured. It continues to offer a different dimension and marries a great command of the issues with a refreshing style of communication. The team contributes beyond its fee revenues and contributes energetically to the wider thought leadership of the industry.”
David Ferguson
CEO, Nucleus

Rory Percival

“I have known Mark since he started the lang cat consultancy and he and his team have always had their fingers on the pulse and have been worth listening to. I have read many of the reports and they are always incisive, well researched and well written. More importantly, the firm always espouse the end client’s interests and is influential in its field. Mark is also always entertaining and good value when presenting at conferences.”
Rory Percival

Royal London

“We specifically wanted to work with the lang cat to review our Drawdown Governance Service because their output is really engaging and easy to digest and in this industry that is a rare thing indeed. The team really know their stuff which means we got to the key issues quickly and we didn’t need to spend time bringing them up to speed. They gave us a balanced view and were open to feedback. I would highly recommend them to other providers.”
Lorna Blyth
Pensions Investment Strategy Manager, Royal London

the share centre

“I took on the Director role at The Share Centre at start of 2015 and spent a few weeks desperately trying to see through a fog of complicated and confusing market analysis and customer research. Then I found the lang cat. What a total breath of fresh air in the sector. Whatever the lang cat team turn their minds to they produce simple, clear, insightful and engaging output. Ok, I would like The Share Centre to be at the top of all the best buy tables but you can’t have everything! It’s a real skill holding the sector to account, exposing where things don’t work for investors but also being collaborative and great to work with. The best consultancy in our sector, by at least a mile, maybe two”
Darren Cornish
Director of Customer Experience, The Share Centre


“The lang cat isn’t shy with its voice and opinion. Whether you agree with the view or not, you have to respect the depth of knowledge, and inquisitive style of all things platforms and investment.
They are easy to engage with as they just get it. The quality of their content is first class, with intelligent observation alongside written words that engage the reader from start to finish.
We have been delighted with the work they have undertaken for us and we are happy to go back for more.”
Alistair Wilson

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