The lang cat’s platform insight package quite simply gives you everything you need to know about advised platforms.

Looking for key stats on gross and net flows, wrapper splits, customer numbers and AUA? It’s here. Want to drill down into proposition detail? It’s here in more depth and presented more accessibly than anywhere else. And want to know how platforms are addressing the issues of the day? You’ll find that too.
From top to bottom, our insight package will improve your life if your job is either working in or observing the retail investment sector in some way. (Your working life anyway; we can’t help with your other problems.)

The lang cat’s platform insight package is already informing analyst notes, board strategy packs, distribution strategy, competitor research and proposition design across the industry. We’d like to do the same for you.


We thought so. Call Mark on 0131 202 5990 or email and we will sort you right out.

But if you need a little more convincing, there’s more detail just below the cat.

Advised Platform Guide

Frequency: Annual

48 pages of:

  • Market analysis.
  • Platform reviews: business performance, price and proposition.
  • How platforms are addressing the 10% drop rule for MiFID II.
  • Pricing analysis: changes over the last year and what they mean for clients.
  • How the market has evolved since the lang cat launched in 2010, and what might lie ahead over the next seven years.
  • The lang cat advised platform awards 2017.

Platform Market Scorecard

Frequency: Quarterly

20+ pages of:

  • Macro and micro market trends.
  • Regulatory landscape.
  • Technology trends and developments.
  • What each platform has developed in the quarter.
  • Market sizing (AUA, gross inflows, net inflows by platform)
  • Lots of graphs and things (such as wrapper split / net to gross ratios and more).
  • ‘Focus on’: each quarter we take a deep dive into different areas of proposition, price and business performance based on what’s hot right now.


You can subscribe to each publication separately or all together. And yes, there are significant savings if you take the whole package. We’re told by clients that it gives them all the detail they need at a fraction of the price they’re used to paying elsewhere. This makes us happy.

If you’re a small adviser firm, you can buy the Guide as a standalone item via our website for just ‘£100 plus VAT if you’re a member of a professional body (here).

If you’re a large adviser firm, provider, asset manager, industry body, DFM or other organisation, you can subscribe to our quarterly scorecard and the Guide by contacting Mark on 0131 202 5990, or

We think you’ll be glad you did.