Our domain experts have the knowledge other communications folks can only dream of.

And here’s how we do it.

Ever feel like agencies just don’t get it?

You’ll never have to explain the techy stuff to us.

Don’t be left doing all the thinking

We are proactive with our ideas, not reactive.

Molehills, not mountains

Our experienced team keep cool during crisis management.

We speak journalist

Our big book of contacts means we know what journalists really want.

Keeping on the right track

Meaningful, measurable PR reporting, adapted to suit your business.

Clients love us

Editors love us too

Trade Press Publication

‘When the lang cat PR came onto the scene it was like a breath of fresh air for the industry. I’d known the senior members there for a long time, of course, so I was not surprised to see how quickly they shook up the industry, providing in-depth research, interesting and engaging content and proactive commentary about the issues that matter most to our readers.’
News editor from a top trade mag


‘I’ve known the senior team at the lang cat longer than I ‘or they for that matter’ would care to admit. They don’t rely solely on PR professionals, but have industry specialists on the team who are experts in their field, so they really know their onions. They know their clients very well and also produce research which is not only interesting with something to say, but which I can trust to be true. All in all, they offer a degree of strength and depth that isn’t generally present in the average PR firm.”
Top personal finance freelancer

Trade Press

Generally, we find PRs to be friendly, helpful and prompt. But that’s their job isn’t it? Doing one’s job isn’t deserving of praise. The lang cat is the only agency I know that looks to work with journalists on projects seeking to produce new and enlightening content. Who else does that? While others send us press releases pushing people or products, we’re on the phone to the lang cat discussing whether we can make risk-profiler Top Trumps. It’s different, it’s exciting and, as an editor, it’s what I want. Some achievement.’
Editor of another leading trade

Trade Press

‘It is not hard to stand out among the sea of bland, company-approved, management speak that typically passes for industry comment but the lang cat remains unique. It has an unparalleled knowledge of an industry that often takes itself too seriously and not only provides detailed and deep analysis, but does so with approachability and humour.’
Head honcho of a leading trade publication

National Title

‘The lang cat’s specialisation makes them much better informed than most PR firms and therefore much more useful to journalists. They are also quick to respond and always keen to help.’
PF editor of a major national newspaper

Trade Press

‘The lang cat has risen quickly and impressively to become a highly-respected communications and PR business. It is set apart from its peers by the expertise of its spokespeople, its understanding of UK financial services and its unique research and analysis.’
Head hack (a.k.a Editor), retail trade press

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