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OK, sometimes it is all about us. Here’s a selection of lang cat-based headlines for your reading pleasure.

My fund is costing me how much? Investors are paying twice as much as they think

20th February 2018

The Big Interview: The Lang Cat chief Mark Polson Read more at:

10th February 2018

PA's Platform Market Study: Is vertical integration failing on client costs?

31st January 2018

From gobbledygook to Latin: how new EU rules make it harder for investors to understand charges

28th January 2018

Revealed: The 'real' charges of the 100 most popular funds with professional investors

24th January 2018

Aviva launches new platform as experts warn of 'inevitable glitches'

23rd January 2018

Fund managers’ fees outed as Mifid II disclosure rules take effect

22nd January 2018