Hello and welcome to the top secret section of the lang cat website, available only to NextGen members and, erm, anyone with this url I guess. It’s also home to the second annual lang cat State of the Adviser Nation. Or ‘SOTAN’ as we affectionately refer to it at lang cat HQ.

If you completed our inaugural study back in the heady days of Autumn 2018, you’ll know that this is by some considerable distance our largest survey of the year. More of a study than a survey really. You can find it by directing your finest mouse clicks here.


Some of you who have found yourselves on this page will know that we run regular surveys (one a month max) with our research panel – a community of well over 600 individuals working in financial advice. Those surveys tend to take 10 minutes max to complete. This one on the other hand is more of a beast. In fact, if you look in the mirror and say “SOTAN” three times then a big survey appears and eats you. Or something.

We’ve trimmed this year’s study back by about 10% or so but we still reckon this is going to take at least half an hour to 40 minutes of your time, depending on how involved you get with some of the questions. With that in mind, we should talk a little about one of our big philosophies at the lang cat.


Fundamentally, we think that each person who gives up their spare time to help us out should be given something back in return. No prize draws here (what about the majority of poor sods who don’t win?), we want to give something meaningful back. That’s why everyone who takes part in our shorter studies throughout the year gets a playback of the research headlines before anyone else sees. Clearly, the annual SOTAN study is a different game altogether though, that’s why we try to offer a little more in return. This year, everyone who takes part will get:

  • a playback of the raw headlines for their internal use
  • a copy of the report where we talk through some of the main headlines
  • access to an exclusive session where we’ll talk about the main findings of the study, with a look at how the NextGen results compare to the wider peer group
  • and the biggie – a complimentary copy of our annual guide to platforms, out later this year and retailing at £200 + VAT

We reckon that’s a decent return on your time.


Now, we’re not just looking for adviser views here. We’re looking for the opinion of anyone who works in an adviser business, you all play a hugely crucial part in delivering top class advice and vital, potentially life-changing reassurance to your customers. So if you’re an adviser, planner, paraplanner, investment manager, administrator or compliance director; we’d love to hear your views.

One thing we’ve deliberately not done is make the majority of these questions compulsory to answer. We know that not everything will apply to everyone. So, if you come to a question and you think “hang on a minute, I don’t really need to think about that in my role” (we’re particularly prescient of all those delightful individuals who work in outsourced paraplanning) then just dance your way over to the next one without giving it a second thought or regret.


So, there we have it. Last year, 235 wonderful individuals took part in the study, giving an incredible range of insight and opinions that made their way into a wide range of our white papers, reports and other material that was cumulatively read and downloaded tens of thousands of times.

The very last thing to say, and perhaps the most important of all, is that none of your views will be directly attributed to you or used in any way without your prior consent.

Thanks for listening and, of course, a huge thank you if you take part right here.