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Mike Barrett



07802 722034

Why did you join the lang cat?

Mark repeatedly begged me to join. It was all getting a bit embarrassing, so I eventually relented. Good decision though.


What is your role at the lang cat?

Consulting Director, which means I get a lot of variety. A typical week could see me working with advisers, providers, asset managers, investment bank, or private equity clients, as well as speaking at industry events and commentating in the press. The variety is the best part of this role. It keeps things interesting, and you always learn more when you seek out different perspectives.


If you could fix one thing in the financial services industry what would it be?

The good guys need to do more to collectively stand up against and drive out the scumbags who are giving poor advice and/or ripping clients off. The industry has improved greatly over recent years, but there are sadly a lot more bad apples than people like to admit. Either that, or grant the Isle of Wight offshore tax status.


Who would be at your dream dinner party?

My kids


If you could only listen to one album forever more what would it be?

Coldcut – 70 minutes of madness.


Which cartoon character would you most like to swap places with for the day?

Disco Stu