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Sam Lynn



0131 202 5992

Why did you join the lang cat?

Because, c.2012, the temptation of exchanging corporate life for a gruesome serviced office with Mark P and a dying pot plant was too much to resist. Also, he’s never made me work full time …

What is your role at the lang cat?

Strategic communications consultant. I help clients develop intelligent content of all shapes and sizes, including marketing communications that have the appropriate pitch and tone for their particular audience. Something easier said than done given the variety and complexity of the financial services market today.

If you could fix one thing in the financial services industry what would it be?

End the iron grip of the technocrats over client communication sign-off. There are specialist communications professionals out there who have excellent technical knowledge as well as the skills to engage with clients in a language and style they’ll actually get. Recognise them and let them do their job! That includes not telling them, ever again, that they can’t start a sentence with and, so or but.

Who would be at your dream dinner party?

My husband and my dog. I’m a bit anti-social that way.

If you could only listen to one album forever more what would it be?

Don’t know. I’m not a muso either … although being at the lang cat has been good for my musical education.

Which cartoon character would you most like to swap places with for the day?

Muttley. The older I get, the more Wacky Races seems to sum up life. Plus, I’m sure I could stop the pigeon.